Guiding Principles

Adherence to a set of principles based on respect and integrity guides the everyday interactions of all Home Transition Resource team members. In a small company like ours, where the actions of one individual can reflect on everyone, it is especially important to abide by these principals to protect our clients, our company and our profession.

Our first duty is to the person in transition, no matter who makes the referral or who is paying the invoice.

We honor our client’s feelings and perspectives and respect their right to determine their own future.

We keep confidential any information we are given and will not use confidential information to benefit ourselves or our company.

We strive to ensure cooperation amongst all individuals involved in providing services to our clients.

We only refer our clients to services and organizations that we believe to be competent and appropriate to address their needs.

We respect our clients’ belongings, whatever their condition or monetary value, and honor our clients’ life experiences.

We take responsibility and accountability for our actions.

We treat our clients with integrity, competence, objectivity, compassion, and respect.