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Our Services

We have a comprehensive suite of move management services with an experienced team equipped to customize a plan to meet your needs. We work with individuals and their family members, teaming with financial advisers, attorneys, realtors, care managers, and retirement community professionals to insure a well-organized, well-orchestrated and well-executed transition.

Floor & Space Planning

Creating a floor plan can be the most effective way of providing you with a road map to a successful move. With a floor plan complete, you know what items are making the move and what items you need to find other homes for. We can work with a template that you have been given or we can create a template from scratch.

Home Inventory

For purposes of estate and trust planning, moving, or placing items in storage, documenting a home inventory can help create organization from chaos. Often times when moving or dispersing of items in an estate, clients have items going to multiple destinations and/or multiple beneficiaries.

Packing, Unpacking, & Resettling

We take great care in insuring that your belongings are packed safely and professionally for the trip to your new home.. Because we take pack to unpack, the team member who packs a box is the team member who unpacks it, ensuring that the items are placed in the correct place in the order you are used to.

Real Estate Sales & Staging

In today’s market, preparation of your property and staging it to appeal to buyers is an essential part of the selling process. Our professional team will work with you and your realtor to prepare your home for today’s market and make it as appealing and irresistible to as many buyers as possible.

Sorting, Organizing, & Downsizing

People often ask us, “what is the best time to start downsizing?” and our answer is always “Now”. It’s never too early to begin the process. We believe that a downsized, organized and decluttered space allows for a more balanced and peaceful life. Often the desire to downsize comes with a need for a more simplified lifestyle.

Service Coordination & Mover Supervision

When planning a transition, there are many phone calls to make, vendors to contact, appointments to keep, and dates to remember. The to-do list can seem endless and impossible. As your move manager, we can make your to-do list much shorter and more manageable.

Bereavement Dispersal & Estate Settlement

Emptying the house of a loved one while grieving a loss can make a difficult task even more challenging. Working with you, your family, funeral advisers, trust officers or attorneys, Home Transition Resource can provide emotional and physical support with sorting, organizing and dispersing of personal belongings.

Aging In Place

If your decision is to remain in the home that you love, Home Transition Resource can help make this a reality by assisting with the necessary steps to improve your home for future livability. We can help you declutter and downsize, assist you with improvements, and suggest upgrades that would improve your overall quality of life.